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5.1.17. Lithuania

FLaReNet Summary

Two programs are presently running, which involve LT. The Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for the second phase of the program Lithuanian Language in the Information Society 2010-2015 that deals with localization, resource and tool creation, documentation and some other activities. The Lithuanian Research Council has launched the first national program Heritage and Identity that encompasses digitalization of intangible heritage. Recently, language digitalization is also stimulated in a wider program on specific Lithuanian cultural and philological trends Lituanistikos plėtra 2009-2015. New developments are foreseen in the framework of the National Research Infrastructure (NRI) compatible with ESFRI requirements for national states and including documentation and unification of existing national resources as well as support for transnational initiatives such as CLARIN. Several laboratories are conducting research on LRT: The Centre of Corpus Linguistics (CCL), Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas Technological University, The Institute of the Lithuanian Language, Vilnius University and several companies have activities in this area, such as HLTECH, Fotonija, Synergium, or Tilde.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Andrius Utka, Vytautas Magnus University.


Information on two decades of Lithuanian HLT may be found at:

  1. The Centre of Corpus Linguistics (CCL), Vytautas Magnus university, Kaunas

Universities/institutes (that have HLT research groups)
  1. Kaunas Technological university
  2. The Institute of the Lithuanian Language
  3. Vytautas Magnus university
  4. Vilnius university

  2. Fotonija
  3. Synergium
  4. Tilde
  5. and others

Corpora / DBs
  1. Corpus of Contemporary Lithuanian language
  2. Parallel corpora (EN-LT, CZ-LT, LT-CZ)
  3. Spoken language corpus [Under construction]
  4. DB of dialects
  5. CorALIT: the Corpus of Academic Lithuanian
  6. DB of Spoken language

Machine translation systems
  1. English-Lithuanian machine translation system, Vytautas Magnus university
  2. Lithuanian-English, Tilde

National financing bodies
  1. Research Council of Lithuania

Current national research programmes (that involve HLT tasks)
  1. National Research Programme of Lituanistics (2009-2015)
  2. National Research Programme: State and Nation: Heritage and Identity (2010-2014)