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5.1.27. The Netherlands

FLaReNet Summary

The most important program on LRT in The Netherlands is STEVIN, as a joint effort between The Netherlands and Belgium-Flanders funded by the Flemish government (Department of Economy, Science and Innovation) and the Dutch government (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)) through the Dutch Language Union (DLU), with a total 11.4 M€ budget over 6 years (2006-2011). STEVIN aimed at providing Language Technologies for the 22 million people speaking Dutch, and produced essential language and speech resources for Dutch, which are distributed through the TST-Centrale (HLT Agency). CLARIN-NL has recently been launched. With a 9 M€ budget over 6 years (2009-2014), it gathers 23 participants and aims at coordinating the CLARIN European Infrastructure on Language Resources and Technologies for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe. Other large projects are SPRAAK (Speech Processing, Recognition and Automatic Annotation Kit), CATCH (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage), just finished, and CATCHPlus, Alfalab, a project funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) to apply digital tools in humanities research, Begrijpelijke Taal, a new program funded by NWO on text understanding, IOP MMI (Innovation Research Programme on Man Machine Interaction), just finished, IMIX (Interactive Multimodal Information eXtraction), funded by NWO (2002-2008). MultimediaN is a public-private non-profit organization (originating from Bsik (“Funding for investment in the knowledge infrastructure”) which is much broader than LRT but some specific LRT can be and has been produced in it as well. Some activities are also supported by SII (= "LAUNCH"), the “Service Innovation and ICT” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The TAUS Data Association (TDA) has been created to share very large amounts of data useful for Machine Translation or Machine-Aided Translation.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Jan Odijk, Utrecht University.
National/Regional contact: Catia Cucchiarini, Dutch Language Union.


Here are the Web addresses of some of the most important existing or very recent national/regional programs on or involving LRT. All are Netherlands-specific unless specified otherwise.

• STEVIN, Essential language and speech resources for Dutch (mostly in Dutch though there is an English section) (Netherlands+Flanders):
• TST-Centrale (HLT Agency):
• CLARIN-NL: (mostly in English, though some parts are in Dutch)
• CATCH (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage): (just finished), <>
• CATCHPlus:
• Alfalab: <>
• Begrijpelijke Taal:
• SII (= "LAUNCH"): <>
• IOP MMI (Innovation Research Programme on Man Machine Interaction): (just finished)
• IMIX (Interactive Multimodal Information eXtraction): (a programme that ran from 2002-2008)
• MultimediaN: [a public-private non-profit organization (part of, or originating from Bsik)]
• Bsik (“Funding for investment in the knowledge infrastructure”): (much broader than LRT but some LRT can be and has been done in it as well)