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5.1.9. Finland

FLaReNet Summary

In Finland, funding in LRT comes from the Academy of Finland, from Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and from Tekes, the National Technology Agency.

Research on LRT is conducted in many academic institutions, such as Aalto University (School of Science and Technology, Department of Information and Computer Science), Helsinki University of Technology (Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics), University of Art and Design Helsinki (Media Lab), University of Helsinki (Departments of Computer Science, General Linguistics and Speech Sciences), University of Joensuu (Department of Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Language Technology and Savonlinna School of Translation Studies), University of Jyväskylä (Centre for Applied Language Studies (CALS)), University of Oulu (Department of English, Department of Finnish, Information Studies and KIT), University of Tampere (Department of Information Studies) and University of Turku (KIT). A Language technology Documentation Centre (FiLT) is maintained by the Department of General Linguistics of the University of Helsinki in coordination with other Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland) and includes several research projects. FIN-CLARIN if the Finnish national part of CLARIN. Many companies are members of KITES, the National Association for Multilingual communication and Content Management.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Timo Honkela, Aalto University.
National/Regional contact: Krister Lindén, University of Helsinki.


Here are the Web addresses of existing national/regional programs, or of LRT activity registries, related to Language Resources and Technologies in Finland:

  - Finnish language technology organizations:,
  - Finnish language technology people:,
  - FiLT - Language technology Documentation Centre in Finland:,
  - Language Technology sub-program of Langnet graduate school:,
  - FIN-CLARIN: Finnish CLARIN:,
  - KITES: Association for multilingual communication and content management:,
     [perhaps the most up-to-date list of Finnish companies active in the area].

The FiLT pages are rather stable and also reflect the history of LRT in Finland, whereas the FIN-CLARIN pages are work in progress and are likely to undergo substantial maintenance.