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5.2.3. Greenland

FLaReNet Summary

Some activity may be reported in Greenland where data (lexical database) and tools (morphological and syntactic parsing) exist for the Kalaallisut language, in connection with Danish and English.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Per Langgård, Oqaasileriffik.


The list of LRT resources is very short:
   - (online morphological and syntactic parsing and a beta version of a major semantically tagged lexical database. Kalaallisut and English);
  - (Kalaallisut L2. Only in Danish), which includes the only attempt of HLT, in the area of L2 teaching. The few online exercises can hardly be termed a 'repository';
  - (Kalaallisut-Danish-Kalaallisut lexical resources. Only in Kalaallisut).