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5.3.12. Georgia and Armenia

FLaReNet Summary

There exist data and tools for the Georgian language, and the same in Armenia for the Armenian language.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Oleg Kapanadze, OK'OMPLEX - Innovative Information and Language Technologies.


Georgian on-line dictionaries that are used for word translation into English and vice versa may be found at the following addresses:

There is also an on-line German-Georgian dictionary:

O. Kapanadze at the "OK’OMPLEX – Innovative Information and Language Technologies" Association has developed a Finite-State Transducer for Georgian language morphological analysis, which should be introduced on the Web at the Caucasus International University in Tbilisi.

In Armenia, an on-line Machine Translation system and dictionary may be found at the URL It translates between three languages: Eastern Armenian, English and Western Armenian. In addition, this Web site provides semantic dictionary for these three languages and spelling checkers for Western an Eastern Armenian languages. The site has 2500 daily users (70% from Armenia, 30% from outside). Virage Logic has placed at the URL bi-directional dictionaries from Eastern and Western Armenian into English, Russian, French and Spanish and vice versa, as well as a glossary of architecture terms in all mentioned languages. These dictionaries are multimedia, and contain pictorial, written and verbal forms for a word to be translated or explained. They can be used both within some lesson or separately as a usual dictionary. These dictionaries and the glossary are integrated in the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) and they are not available as separate products, although, in the meantime they got a special software, templates and can easily implement these dictionaries separately.