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5.3.16. Israel

FLaReNet Summary

There is a large amount of activities on HLT in Israel, and many technologies and resources have been produced for the Hebrew language.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Shuly Wintner, Haifa University.
National/Regional contact: Ami Moyal, Afeka Academic College of Engineering.


There is a large amount of activities on HLT in Israel. The chair of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Ido Dagan, was from Israel.

Web addresses of existing national/regional programs:

1. Afeka Center for Language Processing (ACLP)

2. National Middle East Language Resource (NMELRC)

3. MILA – knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew

4. Hebrew Treebank Project Version 2.0

5. The Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew (CoSIH)

6. Computational Linguistics Group

7. The FUF (Functional Unification Formalism Interpreter) and SURGE (A Syntactic Realization Grammar for Text Generation) packages

8. Language acquisition project

9. SemTalk - Working with CHILDES on Semitic Languages

10. The historic dictionary of Hebrew (sorry, Hebrew only)

See in Annex 7, the existing Written and Spoken Corpora (NMELRC list - Web:, LRT activity registries related to Language Resources and Technologies and Conferences.