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5.3.24. Morocco

FLaReNet Summary

Several projects on Language Resources and Technologies are on-going in Morocco, and there is a large activity on language processing related conference organization.

Contact Point Input

National/Regional contact: Abdelhak Mouradi, ENSIAS.


The Research topics related to Language Resources and Technologies in Morocco are:

• Treatment of Arabic morphology, English-to-Arabic Interlingua based MT system;
• Arabic speech recognition based on Sphinx open source system;
• Speech synthesis by concatenation of demi-syllables;
• Speech synthesis by rules;
• Machine translation based on Moses open source system;
• Automatic Morpho-syntactic annotation of Arabic corpora;
• Automatic Arabic verb conjugator;
• Morpho-syntactic tagging system for Arabic texts;
• Search engines for Arabic language;
• studies on the Amazigh language (The Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture).

There exist also Conferences & Workshops.

Arabic Language Processing - Text & Speech
April, 19-22 2004, Fès

Colloquium on Arabic Language Processing
JETALA 5-7 June 2006, IERA Rabat.
Institute for the Studies and Researches on Arabization
Arabic Language Processing

CITALA'07 18 - 19 June 2007
IERA, Rabat, Maroc
3rd International Conference on Arabic Language CITALA 2009 May 4th – 5th 2009,
EMI, Rabat, Morocco

Workshop of AICCSA
Computer Sciences Practice In Arabic
10-13 May 2009, Rabat

The International workshop on Amazigh and ICT
24 and 25 February 2011
under the title : “Language Resources (LRs): Construction and exploitation”

Linguistic Research Journal - Published by IERA.

The present Projects:

• The EC Nemlar project;
• The EC Medar project;
• The Open Arabic NLP platform (;
• The Internet lexicon;
• The Sibaway repository for Arabic language processing (