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6.4.3. Other countries

Although supported by a single country, some national programs cover several languages spoken in different regions which may be in different countries, such as TDIL (Technology Development for Indian Languages) in India, or the National HLT Network (NHN) in South Africa. The same apply for the ALTEC Association for the Arabic language in Egypt (see Annex 5) and the African HLT Association for the African languages in Djibouti. The Information Retrieval Society of India (IRSI) organized the FIRE (Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation) evaluation campaign for the Indian languages.

In Australia, the APPEN company produces and distributes LR of many kinds in many languages, with a subsidiary on the US.

In China, the Chinese LDC association distributes LR mostly in Chinese, while the Speech Ocean company produces and distributed LR in many languages.