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The FLaReNet Coordinator is:

The Coordinator will provide the central facilities, including the project managerial team, central editors and administrative support.

The Coordinator will be responsible for: the day to day overall management and the scientific coordination of the project; flux of information; synergies and relations among various components of the project, with particular emphasis on ensuring coordination among the Working Groups; managing of the funds allocated to the project and to support the activities of the Working Groups; reporting and contacts with the Commission.

Other tasks will be: central editing, consultation with industries, dissemination, feedback management, maintenance of the recommendations and concertation activities.

An Editorial Team provided by the Coordinator will be responsible for: planning the overall organisation of the set of documents, reports, recommendations produced by the Network; supporting the Working Groups Leaders in drafting the various technical reports; ensuring the coherence of the documents and preparing them in the appropriate form for dissemination outside the project; organising and maintaining dissemination and feedback; following the activities of the Working Groups to contribute to the overall coherency of the work.

A Coordination Group - formed of Paola Baroni, Tommaso Caselli, Riccardo Del Gratta, Sara Goggi, Monica Monachini, Valeria Quochi, Irene Russo, Claudia Soria and Francesca Strik Lievers - will assist the Coordinator in each activity falling under her competence.