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Join FLaReNet

Joining FLaReNet is easy and free! Please fill in this form, if you agree with the following statements. Afterwards, you can request an account.

FLaReNet is bringing together leading experts of research institutions, academies, companies, consortia, associations, funding agencies, public and private bodies both at European and international level. The initial group of the FLaReNet Network is already established.

In order to initiate the process of establishing a stakeholders’ platform as pervasive as possible, the FLaReNet Steering Committee is inviting all interested players in the field to express their interest in becoming part of the Network.

Why joining FLaReNet?

By joining the network you will have the chance to influence orientations and priorities in FLaReNet. Some of the advantages include:

    • access to the FLaReNet Web forum;
    • follow and contribute to on-going discussions;
    • take part in decisions on fundamental issues regarding the sector of LRs and LTs;
    • access to early outcomes of the Project;
    • be aware of and able to influence the recommendations for the future of LRs and LTs;
    • play a key role in the definition and preparation of future actions of the EC;
    • contribute to shaping the field in the coming years.

Join FLaReNet

The FLaReNet Network is open to participation by public and private, academic, research and industrial organisations. There are two different degrees of involvement: Individual Subscribers and Institutional Members.

By expressing interest in FLaReNet, you will become part of the Individual Subscribers set. Individual Subscribers can contribute to the discussion over major themes, get early access to emerging recommendations and provide feedback over FLaReNet reports.

Institutional Members are expected to have a more active involvement, to provide significant input and advice about major themes of relevance, to support and address discussions during meetings, to gather up the threads and disseminate FLaReNet recommendations in their respective communities.

Who joined FLaReNet?

The FLaReNet Network is now composed of many organisations, comprising a large set of international experts from the various areas of LRs and LTs from all over the world. Other organisations have already expressed their interest and are ready to join soon.

How to join FLaReNet?

Experts wishing to be part of the FLaReNet Network are invited to express their interest by filling in this form and submitting it.

Acceptance as Individual Subscribers is at the discretion of the FLaReNet Steering Committee.

Participation as Institutional Members requires a formal invitation from the FLaReNet Steering Committee and the signature of a formal agreement from the organisations pleased to become part of the Network.

What is expected?

Given its networking vocation, the formula chosen to carry out activities and achieve objectives is that of collaborative workshops, according to the philosophy that “everybody is a player”. Similarly, in order to enable cooperation and allow easy participation, a collaborative Web site has been developed.

Experts of the FLaReNet Network are expected to devote some effort to FLaReNet activities, although no considerable work load is required.


Experts will be asked to express their preferences on different FLaReNet thematic areas depending on their interests/expertise. They may be invited to take part to meetings, either special Working Group workshops or Annual Plenary meetings. From their side, they are expected to demonstrate commitment to come prepared and actively contribute to the discussion.

Wiki site

They are also expected to give contribution to on-going discussions through the Wiki site, where living documents will be available on various hot topics.