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FLaReNet / SILT Workshop and Panel on Semantic Annotation and Workshop on Lexicon-Ontology Relationship

17/09/2009 09:00
19/09/2009 13:30



organized in connection with GL 2009 - 5th International Conference on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon


Pisa (ITALY) - Auditorium dell’Area della Ricerca del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Local Organizer and Host

Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “Antonio Zampolli”


GL 2009 Program (including details about the FLaReNet / SILT events)

GL 2009 Proceedings


Session 1

Bonnie Webber and Rashmi Prasad - Discourse Connectives: Which are structural, which anaphoric?

Yoshie Yamamori - Quotations as Discourse Perspective Shifter

Session 2

Yuichiroh Matsubayashi, Naoaki Okazaki and Jun'ichi Tsujii - Accurate and Robust Semantic Role Labeling with Multiple Generalization Criteria in PropBank

Luisa Bentivogli, Ido Dagan, Hoa Trang Dang, Danilo Giampiccolo, Medea Lo Leggio and Bernardo Magnini - Considering Discourse References in Textual Entailment Annotation

Seohyun Im and James Pustejovsky - Annotating Event Implicatures for Textual Inference Tasks

Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi, Rachele Sprugnoli and Emanuele Pianta - Annotation of Semantic Relations in Patent Documents

Session 3

Martha Palmer - Semlink-Linking PropBank, VerbNet, and Framenet

Elisabetta Jezek, Valeria Quochi and Nicoletta Calzolari - Relevance of Qualia Relations in Coercive Contexts

Anna Rumshisky, Marc Verhagen and Jessica Moszkowicz - The Holy Grail of Sense Definition: Creating a Sense-Disambiguated Corpus from Scratch (Part 1 & Part 2)

Wauter Bosma, Piek Vossen, Aitor Soroa, German Rigau, Maurizio Tesconi, Andrea Marchetti, Monica Monachini and Carlo Aliprandi - KAF: a generic semantic annotation format

Session 4

Patrick Hanks - Corpus-based lexicon construction and ontology building

Aravind Joshi and Rashmi Prasad - The class of discourse connectives--open or closed? Altlex: Alternate Lexicalizations in the Penn Discourse Treebank (PDTB)

Panel Discussion - Issues in Semantic Annotation:
James Allen, Patrick Hanks, Nancy Ide, Aravind Joshi and Bonnie Webber

Johan Bos - Type-Coercion in Contexts of Desire

Session 5

Dini Luca and Alessio Bosca - Dependency Based Valence Induction for an Italian FrameNet

Anna Rumshisky and Victor A. Grinberg - Using semantics of the arguments for predicate sense induction

Shu-Yen Lin, Shu-Kai Hsieh and Yann-Jong Huang - Exploring Chinese Type Coercion: A Web-as-Corpus Study

James Allen - Word Senses, Semantic Roles and Entailment (Part 1 & Part 2)

Session 6

James Pustejovsky - Compositionality and the Parameterization of Meaning

Elisabetta Jezek and Chiara Melloni - Complex types in the (morphologically) complex lexicon

Irene Russo and Tommaso Caselli - Fires and blizzards: Syntagmatic cues for event nouns in Italian

Session 7

Seungho Nam - Event Structure of Experiencer Predicates in Korean: their causal, temporal, and focal sub-structure

Antonio Toral, Monica Monachini, Aitor Soroa and German Rigau - Studying the role of Qualia Relations for Word Sense Disambiguation

Catherine Havasi and Robert Speer - Automatically Suggesting Semantic Structure for a Generative Lexicon Ontology

Workshop Invited Short Talks:
Paul Buitelaar, Chu-Ren Huang, Chungmin Lee, Massimo Poesio, Kiril Simov and Piek Vossen

Workshop Discussion:
Thierry Declerck, Aravind Joshi, Bernardo Magnini, Martha Palmer, Bolette Pedersen and James Pustejovsky