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FLaReNet Forum 2011




The 3rd European Language Resources and Technologies Forum: Language Resources in the Sharing Age - the Strategic Agenda


Venezia (ITALY) - Auditorium Santa Margherita - Università Ca' Foscari


For a detailed program of the event see the Program section.

Forum topics


By joining the FLaReNet Forum, you will have the unique opportunity of:

    • networking with leading academic experts and industry stakeholders from all across Europe and worldwide;
    • debating and making key policy aware of what needs to be done to improve the field of Language Resources and Technology;
    • assisting in outlining a collaborative and shared infrastructure for European Language Resources;
    • being alerted about new initiatives, developments and trends;
    • participating in the definition of the FlaReNet Blueprint for Actions and Infrastructures, which will set up priorities for fostering Language Resources and Language Technology, thus contributing to shape the future of the field.

Participation Policy

Participation to the workshop is open, but subject to online registration due to limited number of admissible participants: anyone interested should register in advance through the appropriate form available in the Registration section.

Before registering to the Event, please join the Network: you are invited to access the Join FLaReNet section and express your interest in joining FLaReNet by completing the form available there.

Afterwards, you can request a FLaReNet account.

Workshop Proceedings

Position papers contributed by invited speakers, wrap-ups by Rapporteurs and final outcomes will be collected in a post-workshop volume.


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