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S4 - Innovation needs data

Friday 27 May 2011 - 09:15-11:00

Chair: Jan Odijk

Jan Odijk (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands / Chair) Overview
Introductory Talks
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on... the Consequences of Grand Visions on Linguistic Resources
Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany)
Position Paper Presentation
Parallel Multilingual Data from Monolingual Speakers
Bill Dolan (Microsoft Research, USA)
Position Paper Presentation
Turning water into wine : transforming data sources to satisfy the thirst of the knowledge era
Frederique Segond (Xerox, France)
Position Paper Presentation
How to get more data for under-resourced languages and domains?
Andrejs Vasiljevs (TILDE, Latvia)
Position Paper Presentation
User feedback collection for MT and dictionaries : current status and strategies
Théo Hoffenberg (Reverso - Softissimo, France)
Position Paper Presentation
Maria Teresa Pazienza (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
Guido Vetere (IBM - Senso Comune, Italy)
Martine Garnier-Rizet (Vecsys and IMMI-CNRS, France)

Download all position papers as a single PDF file.

For a description of the topics and aim of the session see the Sessions and Topics section.