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The FLaReNet Forum 2011 will be held at the following venue:

Auditorium Santa Margherita
Università Ca' Foscari
Dorsoduro 3689
30123 (VE)

Interactive Map
Photo Gallery

Tel.: +39-041-234-9906/9904
Fax: +39-041-234-9998

Practical Information

Wi-Fi Access
Wi-Fi connection will be available during the Forum. In order to get a valid wifi account, you are kindly required to fill in this form. You will receive a personal login and password. The account will not be automatically active. In order to activate the account, please go to the Forum registration desk with a copy of the e-mail you have received and the document you have used for the registration.
Once your credentials are validated:
  1) choose the University Wi-Fi network (Unive_WiFi);
  2) start your browser and go to whatever page; you will be redirected to the wifi portal of Ca’ Foscari University; select the link “Access for conference guests here”; you will be required to enter your username and password;
  3) reduce to icon the page indicating a successful connection; you will be able to connect to the network.

Very few plugs are available inside the Auditorium. Make sure your laptops are fully charged before coming to the Forum.