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Forum Questionnaire

Questionnaire on the priorities in the field of Language Resources

Preparatory work within the FLaReNet Thematic Network has identified the need to build an open infrastructure allowing easy sharing of language resources and tools that are made interoperable and work seamlessly together. The infrastructure does not only mean repositories, but addresses a number of related strategic and technical issues (access, copyright, funding and revenue issues, governance, documentation, metadata, standards, interoperability etc.).

In order to structure, resource and prioritize future actions, we need your reasoned opinions on the various dimensions. 19 recommendations have been identified and clustered into 4 main categories: 1) Strategy, policy, funding; 2) Infrastructure, standards, evaluation, law; 3) Tactics; 4) Technicalities.

For each of the recommendations (only the ones you feel strongly about), please state your opinion, by indicating your choice among the options listed below:

top priority; important; less important.
needs to be done now; urgent; can wait.
Size of task
complex or resource-intensive; normal; easy, small.
Funding (who should pay, and which financial instrument / legal form)
e.g. EC, member state, industry, users / grant, loan, procurement, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), direct budget funding

For each answer, please justify your opinion: why? If you can, state the concrete next steps and players that should be involved.

Logically and analytically justified responses are more likely to have an impact!

A PDF version of the questionnaire is available here.

The deadline for the submission of the questionnaire is Monday 15th March 2010.

If you do not return this questionnaire completed by that date, we assume that you agree with any prioritisation of the topics that your colleagues and us propose.

Strategy, policy, funding Infrastructure, standards,
evaluation, law
Tactics Technicalities
Recommendation 1 Recommendation 7 Recommendation 14 Recommendation 18
Recommendation 2 Recommendation 8 Recommendation 15 Recommendation 19
Recommendation 3 Recommendation 9 Recommendation 16  
Recommendation 4 Recommendation 10 Recommendation 17  
Recommendation 5 Recommendation 11    
Recommendation 6 Recommendation 12    
  Recommendation 13