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S5 - Language Resources of the Future

Friday 12th February 2010 - 11.30-13.30

Chair: James Pustejovsky - Rapporteur: Joseph Mariani

James Pustejovsky (Brandeis University, USA / Chair) Overview
Introductory Talks
India’s language diversity and resources of the future: challenges and opportunities
Girish Nath Jha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, IN)
Position Paper Presentation
Evolving the NICT Concept Dictionary
Kentaro Torisawa (NICT, JP)
Position Paper Presentation
Language Resources of the Future (a speech-based position paper)
Nick Campbell (Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, IR)
Position Paper Presentation
Next Steps: From the Sentence Structure to the Structure of Discourse
Eva Hajičová (Charles University in Prague, CZ)
Position Paper Presentation
Multi-microphone speech corpora for robust applications in real-world environments
Maurizio Omologo (FBK, IT)
Position Paper Presentation
Multimodal Language Resources
Jean Carletta (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Position Paper Presentation
not available
The essential role of Language Resources for the future of the affective computing systems
Laurence Devillers and Björn Schuller (LIMSI-CNRS, FR)
Position Paper Presentation
German Rigau (University of the Basque Country, SP)
Antonio Pareja-Lora (UPM & UCM, SP)
Mª Antonia Martí (Universitat de Barcelona, SP)
Kiril Simov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG)

Download all position papers as a single PDF file.

For a thorough description of the session see the S5 - Language Resources of the Future section.