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LRL 2011 - «Addressing the Gaps in Language Resources and Technologies»
a Joint LTC / ELRA / FLaReNet / META_NET Workshop organized in conjunction with LTC 2011 (an event endorsed by FLaReNet)


Poznań (POLAND)




Covering the existing gaps in Language Resources (LR) and Technologies (LT) is a challenging task not only for the so-called "Less-Resourced Languages" (LRL) but also for the technologically more advanced ones.

Therefore we believe that this workshop will be of general interest for all.

Still, the needs of the less-resourced languages are worth being specifically considered in order to reduce the unbalanced situation among languages.

The previous joint LTC-FLaReNet workshop on «Getting Less-Resourced Languages On-Board!» (LRL 2009) aimed at drawing a picture of the Language Resources (LR) and Language Technologies (LT) availability and quality, especially for the less-resourced languages.

Following its success, this second workshop aims at adding the novel topics of gap identification and their possible filling.

The workshop will draw on the inventories of all language technologies and resources that are presently being carried out, such as the ones conducted by FlaReNet, ELRA or META-NET (e.g. LRE Map, Program Surveys, Language Matrixes, Language Gaps, META-SHARE infrastructure).

These are now available and help better understand the current landscape and work out the possible solutions, for each individual language and technology.

The idea is to discuss availability, quality, maturity, sustainability, and gaps of the LR and LT for a number of languages and technologies.

The importance of this confrontation and analysis will be reflected by the way conclusions will be endorsed by the participants.


    • Charting and analysis of major LT and associated LR across languages
    • Assessing Availability, Quality, Maturity and Sustainability of LT and LR across languages
    • Identification of gaps in LR and LT, and their impact on Research and Technology development
    • Recommendations on the way to address these gaps based on experience from well resourced languages
    • Experience in the production, validation and distribution of LR for less-resourced languages
    • Experience in the evaluation of LT for less-resourced
    • Use of pivot languages and language families to address the gaps
    • Processing of oral languages
    • Infrastructures for making available LR and LT in all languages, and especially in the less-resourced ones
    • Etc.


Khalid Choukri (ELRA & ELDA, Paris, FRANCE), Joseph Mariani (LIMSI-CNRS & IMMI-CNRS, Orsay, FRANCE) and Zygmunt Vetulani (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, POLAND)

Papers Submission Deadline

Monday 5th September 2011