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Methodology of Work

For all the WGs, the general working methodology consolidated within other large projects or networks will be adopted as the basic mode of operation. The major methodological steps are:

    • survey and analysis phase (preparatory phase, where possible in cooperation with CLARIN);
    • discussion phase in WG meetings finalized to reaching consensus;
    • drafting of preliminary recommendations;
    • external evaluation and feedback, through the Support Group, other projects, external experts;
    • integration of feedback;
    • final recommendations;
    • dissemination of recommendations: ensure the consensus-based nature of the recommendations.

The different steps may require different kinds of organisational set-ups and may involve in part different actors. Different types of work may thus be carried out in different ways. The steps towards common recommendations will be taken mainly through:

    • meetings/workshops of the WGs members/experts (at least 2 per year per WG), where WGs combined meetings are possible whenever the issues to be dealt with overlap;
    • joint meetings with non-EU members and supporters (one or two per year);
    • plenary workshops of all the WGs together, with the FSG, other HLT projects and external experts (one a year).

In previous networking experiences, such a methodology proved adequate to reach the objectives of pooling together results/experiences/requirements from different major projects and players, of reaching consensus among the major actors, of disseminating and making the community at large aware of the results, of getting feedback and acceptance, thereby establishing a coherent and integrated community in the area of LRs along the various relevant dimensions.