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The European FLaReNet – Fostering Language Resources Network is intended to develop a common vision of the area of Language Resources and Language Technologies for the next years and foster a European strategy for consolidating the sector and enhancing competitiveness at EU level and worldwide.

FLaReNet analyses the sector along various dimensions: technical, scientific but also organisational, economic, political and legal.

Once the more pressing issues have been selected, the mission of FLaReNet is to identify priorities as well as long-term strategic objectives and provide consensual recommendations in the form of a plan of action for EC, national organisations and industry.

FLaReNet outcomes are essentially of directive nature.

Main emphasis is being devoted to sustenance of international cooperation and (re)creation of a wide LRs community, aiming at a massive industrial involvement.

Previous experiences proved that networking is one of the privileged means to pool together major experts from different areas, reach consensus, make the community aware of the results and disseminate them in a fine-grained, pervasive way.

The time is ripe to establish a wide consensus to foster LRs of the future.

This can only be achieved through a coordinated, community-wide effort to ensure contribution from the main actors of the various areas.

The FLaReNet Network attempts to achieve its objectives through workshops, meetings, mailing and use of a collaborative Wiki platform.

Meetings are the FLaReNet engine.