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Network Organisation

FLaReNet Overall Structure

The Network is organised according to two main dimensions:

    • in concentric circles, corresponding to the degree of involvement in the Network activities:
        • the core circle, composed by the Coordinator and the Work Packages Leaders, who form the Steering Committee;
        • the second circle, composed by the Network Partners appearing in the project proposal;
        • the third circle, composed by the Network Institutional Members, namely other organizations that may be useful to add during the life of the Network, which should be involved on a regular basis in activities, meetings and interactions (the flexibility of the Network composition is very important to cope with issues or requirements arising during the project; some companies and institutions have already expressed their interest to be part of the Network);
        • the fourth circle, composed by the Network Individual Subscribers;
    • in the Working Groups corresponding to the topical Work Packages described in the Work Plan; here the relevant dimension is the topic, which is the focus of each activity.

During the life of the Network, the Network Support Group appearing in the project proposal will be contacted for specific meetings, workshops and activities and will be able to provide feedback and advice.