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S6 – International Cooperation

FLaReNet aims at providing recommendations for future initiatives in the field of Language Resources and Technologies: we are aware that it is important to discuss future policy and priorities not only on the European scene, but also in a worldwide context. This is true both when we try to highlight future directions of research and, ­ even more, ­ when we analyse which infrastructures are needed. The growth of the field should be complemented by a common effort that tries to look for synergies and to overcome fragmentation.

Cooperation is an issue that needs to be prepared. FLaReNet may be the place where these ­ and future ­ initiatives get together to discuss and promote collaboration actions. The aim of this session is to start a discussion on the usefulness and the interest of promoting international cooperation among various initiatives and communities around the world, within and around the field of Language Resources and Technologies. This should lead to discussing the modalities of how to organise the cooperation.