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Work Packages

As described in the Overview section, FLaReNet activities are organized into WPs, most of which proceed in parallel.

WP1 will be in charge of the overall scientific and organisational management of the project, of the coordination of the activities of the different WGs taking care in particular of interrelations among them, of the Steering Committee and International Board meetings, of general maintenance and dissemination aspects, of relations with other projects (e.g. CLARIN) and external bodies.

The WPs from WP2 to WP6 are the more properly thematic WPs, each addressing particular issues and gathering relevant expertise.

WP7 and WP8, instead, will work on the results obtained by the other WPs to give a broader view integrating all the different perspective and to provide shared recommendations.

Each WP is organized in Tasks, generally reflecting an analysis and a proposal phase. In the following links you find a quick overview of the various WPs.