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The FLaReNet Work Packages Leaders are:

The Work Packages Leaders constitute, together with the Coordinator, the core layer of the Network.

Each Work Package Leader, responsible for a given Work Package, will ensure the appropriate timely performance of the work.

WP1 & WP8 Leader is assisted by Paola Baroni, Tommaso Caselli, Riccardo Del Gratta, Sara Goggi, Monica Monachini, Valeria Quochi, Irene Russo, Claudia Soria and Francesca Strik Lievers.

WP2 Leader is assisted by Victoria Arranz and Caroline Rannaud.

WP3 Leader is assisted by Maria Gavrilidou.

WP4 Leader is assisted by Barbara Wallner, Tania Wissik and Barbara Berger-Kuklik.

WP6 Leader is assisted by Neus Balaguer and Bàrbara Albareda Castellot.